MFME stands for Multiple Fruit Machine Emulator. It is a software program that emulates the operation of old-style fruit machines, allowing users to play classic slot machine games on their computers.

The history of MFME can be traced back to the 1990s, when the first fruit machine emulators were developed for personal computers. These early emulators were relatively simple and were not very faithful to the original machines. However, they were popular with fans of fruit machines, who appreciated the ability to play these games without having to go to a pub or arcade.

Over time, the technology behind fruit machine emulators improved, and the emulators became more faithful to the original machines. The MFME software, in particular, became very popular with fans of fruit machines. The first version of MFME was released in 2002 by a developer named Chris Wren AKA Wizard. Since then, the program has gone through numerous updates and revisions, with new features and enhancements added with each release.

Today, MFME is widely used by enthusiasts of fruit machines and is considered to be the best emulator available. It allows users to play a wide variety of classic fruit machine games on their computers, including games from manufacturers such as Barcrest, JPM, and Bell-Fruit. The program is constantly being updated and improved, and new games are regularly added to its library.

For the latest version of MFME please go to, join the forum and make a reasonable post to get accepted in to the community. After acceptance, you will be able to download MFME V20. and layouts.

There are thousands of fruit machine layouts available, including some I have made:) You can also visit my new site Fruit Machine and download a few of my layouts:)

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